I had the opportunity to interview Judge Dodell about restraining orders and how much, or little people know about them. I thought it appropriate to add this to the interview about his new book. There is a section in the book where he covers this subject.

Judge Dodell's new book is packed with information and things that we can all learn from. One thing that I like is his bringing up a subject an following it with a story that covers the issue. He covers a wide area with lots of things that business people should be thinking about. Great interview and I think it wise to have a copy of "From the Trench to the Bench" around when legal issues come up.

There has been a lot of discussion about Titles 3 and 4 of the Jobs Act in terms of Crowdfunding. These both deal with having non-accredited investors involved in funding companies. However, Jor talks about Title 2 which has been in effect much longer and focuses on crowdfunding where only accredited investors are allowed. He covers the amount of investmenting that has been done using Title 2 in comparison to Title's 3 and 4 with some surprising statistics. He also covers some important areas that entrepreneurs need to understand when looking to use crowdfunding as a capital infusion source. 

Jor is very knowledgeable and worthwhile listening to whether you are an investor who wants to learn more about Crowdfunding from an investor perspective or from an entrepreneur's vantage point. 

Donald is the author of "The Family Man's Stock Market Volatility Survival Guide" 

Besides suggesting that they "man up," has a lot to say to family men.

He provides practical advice, straight talk and common sense. Some of the topics include:

  • So You Thought Money Markets Are Safe
  • Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Life
  • Fast Cash
  • Prepare For Anything

He also provides useful check lists, Q & A, and motivational quotes.

I had a great conversation with Mark Wald. If you are interested in controlling cash and making smart decisions based on the numbers. That's mission critical for all small businesses, startups and nonprofits, then you should find our conversation useful.

Mark Wald, owner and operator of Supporting Strategies - Santa Monica and Supporting Strategies - Los Angeles, and his fast-growing team of 30 seasoned accounting professionals, so excel at the task of managing the numbers that he received Supporting Strategies' inaugural President's Club Award in 2015, has already exceeded the criteria for winning the next level award again in 2016, and is on track to achieve the third level award yet again in 2017. Mark and his team are now expanding their Southern California presence into Ventura County with additional accounting staff and strategic leadership resources to support the growing tech and small business ecosystem in that region. 


I had a great interview with Sandro Monetti is a Director of BAFTA LA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (www.baftala.org) which unites Hollywood with the British showbiz industry and nurtures the latest wave of talent from the UK.

Sandro’s background is as a leading entertainment journalist working for major media organizations such as CNN, the BBC and Sky News. He has interviewed all the biggest stars in the world from George Clooney to Madonna, Paul McCartney to Will Smith.

He is also an entertainment entrepreneur, celebrity interviewer, and event host whose successes include interviewing Sylvester Stallone on stage in front of thousands of fans at a packed Manchester Arena in England (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aWHsHiKc4E).

Sandro is creator of the number one rated Hollywood tour on Trip Advisor, the Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour of LA (www.tourificescapes.com).

In November he hosted the Fifth Annual Global Alternative Funding Forum – November 11 at the Skirball Center – a gathering of entrepreneurs and investors that explores the many different funding options available for projects. Details at www.metropoleglobal.com


This is part two of my interview with Sandro

Here is the second part of my interview.

This is a two part interview with Ian who is in the clothing business. What makes this interesting is that unlike most people attempting to grow their clothing businesses by having an online business. Ian is known in LA for his brick and mortar locations and has recently acquired some additonal lines that are online and he is looking to create a brick and mortar locations for these. 

One thing that differentiates Ian's clothes in his existing stores, his shirts use magnets versus buttons. This is novel and he had to develop the magnets to ensure they would take to being washed or cleaned and would not wear out over time. 

I hope you enjoy Part 1

Great interview with Chad and Sam. Social Bluebook is focused on the emerging market of Influencer Marketing which is expected to grow from $500M currently to between $5B and $10B by 2020. They have a unique service and are working to include both Brands and Influential Creators who can advertise brands products and services without having to deal with ad blocking software. Chad and Sam have extensive backgrounds in the creator space, and know what needs to be done.

Additionally, the are in the process of raising funds using the new Crowdfunding programs recently approved with the SEC. 

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