Deal Lounge is a Startup in the lower to middle portion of Investment Banking looking at deals that fall between $1.5m - $2.0m of EBITDA on the low end to $10m in EBITDA on the high end. Erik describes what they do how they bring these deals to a broader audience.

I had a great conversation with Marlon Schulman the CEO, and Brian Herskowitz the CCO. HEF is in the Crowdfunding Space, which means they are looking to invest in projects or companies within their space and receive equity for their investments. Generally, we have heard a lot about Crowdsourcing projects through organizations like Kickstarter or Indiegogo where companies receives funds but not in exchange for an equity position.

I am sure that we sill see more of this in the future, but for the present, Marlon and Brian do a nice explaining who they are and what the do.

I really enjoyed this interview. Levi is a serial entrepreneur having started and successfully exited a few of them. His current company is helping entrepreneurs and founders more effectively get themselves positioned to go after bank loans, which is very difficult for a company with less than 2 years of operations and revenues. He provides some great tips for founders that will help establish a record of credit that most founders don't think about. 

We were having such a great interview that I decided to continue through the second segment.

There has been a lot of talk on the subject of Crowd Funding and Crowd Sourcing especially as it relates to the use of these types of fundings in return for equity from early stage company. The SEC has been promising to release their proposal on how to deal with unaccredited investors. Aubrey has been following this closely and gives us an update on the status. 

For the second segment, I decided to replay a segment that I did with my partner Mark Burton on the subject.

Michael Homeier and I had a great conversation about EB5, a program that provides Green Cards to individuals who provide much needed capital to company who are looking for funding. We ended up talking about the subject for both segments. Getting current information on EB5 was just great. 

On this Episode, I have a great conversation with Devon Blaine, the Founder, of The Blaine Group, a Public Relations and Marketing Communications company located in Beverly Hills. Devon brings a unique background to the conversation since she has been involved with both helping entrepreneurs but also working with investors having been the President of the Los Angeles Venture Association (LAVA). We had a great conversation and covered a number of topics.

On this Episode, I spend both segments talking with Mark Burton, one of my Partners at California Capital Partners and someone who has been following and become known throughout the emerging Vaping Industry.

In the opening segment, I talk with Herb Dodell who is currently a Judge and talks with me about the use of Restraining Orders and why you should know about them. In the second segment, I talk with Greg Salomon of Primary Funding about the current environment that entrepreneurs are working with to find funding in Southern California.

On this episode, I have Stan Sung the founder of GENRICH, Inc a Multi-Family office talking about Family Offices and how they operate. In the second segment, John Nelson the founder and a Managing Director at California Capital Partners joins the conversation on Family Offices.

Stephan is involved in the exploding area of Cybersecurity. It seems that at least weekly, we hear of another major hacking. Stephan believes he his company has a solution to part of the problem and he discusses the industry in general.

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