Episode 4

This week we open with an interview with the CEO/CTO of Modulated Imaging (MI), David Cuccia. MI is an innovative medical device company in the imaging space having first developed the technology and now creating the products that use it. Their breakthrough products are able to show what is going on with a wound, under the skin without being invasive. Having seen the product and technology, it is amazing what they are able to show. They have numerous applications including two big potentials. One is with the Department of Defense where they are focused on being able to better understand what is happening with burn victims. The other is the Veterans Administration who is looking for ways of seeing what is happening with diabetic foot ulcers given the large number of aging veterans who suffer from diabetes.

It the second segment, we go to the Mailbag and see if we can catch up with the mail. Joining me on this segment are both John Nelson and Mark Burton of CalCap Partners.
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